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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The many names of the Marx Brothers

Film Groucho Harpo ChicoZeppo
Coconuts Mr. HammerSilent SamWillie the WopJamison
Animal Crackers Captain Jeffrey T. SpauldingThe Professor Signor Emmanuel Ravelli Horatio Jamison
Monkey Business (Mustached Stowaway)(Silent Stowaway) (Italian Stowaway) (Juvenile Stowaway)
Horse Feathers Professor Quincy Adams WagstaffPinky the Dogcastcher Baravelli Frank Wagstaff
Duck Soup Rufus T. FireflyPinky Chicolini Bob Roland
A Night at the Opera Otis B. DriftwoodFiorello Tomasso
A Day at the Races Dr. Hugo Z HackenbushStuffy Tony
Room Service Gordon MillerFaker Englund Harry Binelli
At the Circus J. Cheever LoopholePunchy Antonio
Go West S. Quentin QualeRusty Panello Joe Panello
The Big Store Wolf J. FlywheelWacky Ravelli
A Night in Casablanca Ronald KornblowRusty  Corbaccio
Love Happy Sam GrunionHarpo Faustino the Geat

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